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The To&Through Project’s events are intended for a diverse cross-section of education leaders and partners from the K-12, higher education, nonprofit, and civic communities. Presenters and panelists come together to share new research findings as well as share ideas and strategies for helping Chicago’s under-resourced students succeed in high school and college. The To&Through Project also hosts monthly Data Collaboratives designed to elevate and promote dialogue around new and emerging work focused on applying data to youth development efforts. You can watch recordings of our previous events on YouTube.

Upcoming Events

To&Through Data Collaborative: CPS Alumni Support Initiative

Jenny Zuluaga will present on the CPS Alumni Support Initiative that ensures CPS graduates connect and persist in their postsecondary pathways of choice and aims to grow the CPS alumni champion community. Jenny is the Director of Alumni Persistence and Success, in the Office of School Counseling and Postsecondary Advising (OSCPA) at Chicago Public Schools.

To&Through Data Collaborative: Western Illinois University

Justin Schuch will present on Western Illinois University's use of student data to inform their student support and retention strategies via their Connections Mapping Program. The approach brings together multiple data sets from throughout the institution focused on decisions students make during the early part of the semester. Justin is the Executive Director of Retention Initiatives at Western Illinois University.

To&Through Data Collaborative: Chicago Scholars

Derrick Fleming and Alberto Morales will present how Chicago Scholars is working to improve male scholars' college graduation rates by building on their college access, success, and leadership development model and leveraging the expertise of other youth mentoring nonprofits. Derrick is the Managing Director of Strategic Engagement for Chicago Scholars and Alberto is the Founder of Morales Consulting.

Past Events

Annual Update on the Educational Attainment of Chicago Public Schools Students

The To&Through Project and UChicago Consortium will share our newest report on the 2020 Educational Attainment of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Students. Researchers will provide a picture of educational attainment during the onset of the pandemic (which comprises the most recent available data) for students of different race/ethnicity groups, students who began as English Learners, students with disabilities, and Options students.

To&Through Data Collaborative: UIC & Kids First on CPS Accountability Stakeholder Engagement

Natalie Neris and Matt Sweeney will present on the stakeholder engagement process for the CPS Accountability Redesign initiative at our December To&Through Data Collaborative.

Using Community-Based Data for Educational Equity

Join us on Wednesday, November 17 at 11:00 AM (CST) for a panel discussion with leaders from organizations collecting and using data on differences in investments, assets, and educational experiences between communities in Chicago. Leaders will discuss the implications of these data for cross-sector efforts to foster equitable investment in and educational experiences for Chicago Public Schools students.

To&Through Data Collaborative: To&Through on the Middle Grades Data Tool

Alex Seeskin and Thomas Massion will share a working prototype of the To&Through Online Tool that for the first time provides elementary schools with data on their graduates' Freshman OnTrack, high school graduation, and college enrollment rates. Alex is the Director of the To&Through Project and Thomas is a Research Analyst with the To&Through Project.

Community-Based Approaches to Educational Improvement

Join us on Tuesday, November 9 at 11:00 AM (CST) to put CBOs’ work in conversation with new research from the UChicago Consortium and the To&Through Project on differences in educational attainment between Chicago’s community areas. CBO leaders from the South and West Sides of Chicago will discuss the need for a whole-city approach to educational improvement and the collaborations that must be realized to advance educational equity.

Investigating Educational Attainment for CPS Students from a Community Perspective

Join us to investigate key attainment metrics for CPS students based on the community area in which they live rather than the school they attend. At the webinar, we will present key findings from new research that analyzes differences in patterns of high school enrollment as well as high school and college attainment between Chicago’s community areas. Attendees will also be among the first to explore the new, first-of-its-kind To&Through Community Milestones Tool.

Research Spotlight: Race, Advanced Math, and the Transition to High School

What are the academic and social factors that explain disparities in students’ likelihood of getting on (and staying on) the accelerated math track during the transition to high school? Join us at our Research Spotlight webinar on October 27 at noon (CST) to learn about Dr. Yasmiyn Irizarry’s recent study on advanced math course-taking in the ninth grade and its implications for practice and policy.

Research Spotlight: The Impact of COVID-19 and Racial Trauma on Emerging Adolescents

Experts in adolescent development and the creation of racial identities will discuss the impact of COVID-19 and incidents of racial trauma on emerging adolescents. The panel will include Dr. Rob Jagers from CASEL and Dr. Joanna Williams from Rutgers University. The panel will be moderated by Jenny Nagaoka of the University of Chicago with a welcome and introduction by Dr. Nancy Deutsch of the University of Virginia.

To&Through Data Collaborative: OneGoal on the "Fellow Journey Map"

Sam Koenig will present on the "Fellow Journey Map," an interactive student-facing data view for OneGoal fellows to understand what postsecondary milestones they have accomplished so far, and what they should work on next. Sam is the Senior Analyst at OneGoal.

To&Through Data Collaborative: Innovare & the Chicago Literacy Alliance

Nick Freeman of Innovare - Social Innovation Partners and Annie Rezac and Kaitlyn Childs of the Chicago Literacy Alliance will present on the LEI: Insights dashboard, which provides a shared map and a common set of data to empower the Chicago Literacy Alliance and its member organizations to make strategic, data-informed decisions to address the opportunity and access gaps facing Chicago communities.