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Picture of practioners reading learning cases during PD

To&Through Learning Cases are qualitative, narrative stories based on real experiences in schools. They are meant to center common challenges and elevate stories as learning opportunities for professionals working to support young people on various points in their educational journeys. Cases are meant to spark discussion around the topics presented and should be discussed in collaborative spaces with other practitioners. When paired with intentional learning experiences, these cases provide opportunities for educators to reflect and collaborate around adaptive challenges and apply learnings to their own practice.

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For more information on how to leverage Learning Cases for your community of professionals, please see our facilitation guides below. If you have any questions or inquiries on how a learning case could be developed for your team, please contact Alex Ritson, Senior Case Study Writer at 

All To&Through Learning Cases are developed using direct observations and/or interviews with current educators in Chicago Public School, however these resources have been anonymized to protect the privacy of participating educators and students.

What's Next: A Learning Case in Supporting Postsecondary Persistence

Our Learning Case, What's Next: A Learning Case in Supporting Postsecondary Persistence highlights the incredible work of practitioners who are supporting CPS alumni towards enrolling in and persisting through their chosen postsecondary pathways after HS graduation. The case aims to prompt discussion about both 1:1 advising and support of students navigating postsecondary journeys and how systems can better support students toward persistence.

Looking for the Facilitation Guide? Check back in June!


Our Learning Case, Money Matters: A Learning Case in Advising for Affordability and Financial Fit highlights two practitioners at two different schools seeking to support students as they grapple with decisions around where to apply from the lens of Financial Fit. This case aims to prompt discussion about advising practice connected to Financial Fit or to push teams to consider how they are helping their students understand Financial Fit.


A Packed Lunch: A Learning Case in Student Mindsets about College and Postsecondary Pathways shares a snapshot of the work of a College & Career Coach at a Chicago Public Schools (CPS) neighborhood high school. This case aims to prompt reflection and collaborative dialogue about postsecondary advising, student mindsets, and supporting students who may be in a place of indecision or considering non-college pathways.


Ms. Mitchell’s Blank Page: A Learning Case in Sustaining Interventions and Supporting Specific Student Groups shares a glimpse of the 3-year journey of an Instructional Leadership Team at Bailey Elementary. This case helps to prompt reflection and collaborative discussion about how schools and teams seek to change their practice and implement new strategies to address equity gaps in student outcomes.