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Middle Grades Network: Student Fellowship

The MGN Student Fellowship is a component of the MGN model centered on student voice. Each session aims to develop students' leadership skills through hybrid sessions with students from participating MGN schools. MGN Students Fellows are student leaders who plan, collect and present feedback from their peers on how to make their middle school experience better in collaboration with their MGN practitioner team. The fellowship also offers opportunities to build community with students from across the city.

Through hybrid sessions over the course of two years, the MGN Student Fellowship aims to: 

  • Connect with other middle grades students; 
  • Develop their leadership skills
  • Analyze data to help teachers understand the needs of all of their middle grades students; and most importantly…
  • Have fun!
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Students report benefiting from the fellowship:  

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Hybrid Model Programming

Student Fellows participate in an in-person kickoff & end of year celebration, two 90-minute virtual sessions, & a visiting lunch tour. 

Each session includes:

  • Activities to build community with CPS middle grades students from across the city
  • Group discussions about their middle grades experiences
  • Preparing students to collect, analyze and share data.
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Practitioners saw the fellowship as...

“Empowering and engaging for students.”

“A positive space for community building among students and building their own sense of leadership.”

“A space where the students can develop relationships with and exposure to students from other CPS schools."