The To&Through Project’s convenings bring together and break down silos among a diverse cross-section of education leaders and partners from the K-12, higher education, nonprofit, and civic communities. Participants come together to learn, share ideas, and strategize about how to help Chicago’s most at-risk students succeed in high school and college. The To&Through Project also hosts monthly Data Collaboratives designed to elevate and promote dialogue around new and emerging work focused on applying data to youth development efforts.

Upcoming Events

Apr 28, 2020

To&Through Data Collaborative: Andres Alvear and Jessie Gotsdiner

Andres Alvear and Jessie Gotsdiner will present MAPSCorps’s community asset data collected by high school and college students across Chicago. Andres is the Executive Director of MAPSCorps (Meaningful, Active, Productive, Science in Service to Communities) and Jessie is the Director of Operations.

May 19, 2020

To&Through Data Collaborative: Nick Mader

Nick Mader will present the tools and process that the Chapin Hall Collaborative uses for allowing its non-profit and public agency partners to request highly customized data analysis reports, which are automatically generated from linked administrative data. Nick Mader is a Senior Researcher at Chapin Hall.

Jun 16, 2020

To&Through Data Collaborative: Ada Gomero and Liam Bird

Ada Gomero and Liam Bird will present on the use of data supporting the implementation of the CPS Equity Framework. Ada is the Equity Data Strategist and Liam is the Equity Policy Strategist at Chicago Public Schools.

Past Events

Mar 24, 2020

[CANCELLED] To&Through Data Collaborative: Que Keith and Eliza Moeller

Que Keith and Eliza Moeller will present on how the Network for College Success is incorporating principles of Continuous Improvement into their practice. Que is the Director of Data and Continuous Improvement and Eliza is the Director of Research and Continuous Improvement.

Feb 25, 2020

To&Through Data Collaborative: Barrington Price

Barrington Price will present on Dominican University's use of student & faculty survey data informing their first-year student retention strategy. Barrington is the Vice President for Student Success and Engagement at Dominican University

Feb 4, 2020

To&Through Data Collaborative: Poverty Lab and To&Through Project

The University of Chicago's Poverty Lab and the To&Through Team will host a community discussion about using data from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to understand students’ postsecondary trajectories and outcomes. This session will provide attendees an opportunity to share how each other are navigating decision rules, data quality, and limitations of this data.

Jan 21, 2020

To&Through Data Collaborative: Alex Seeskin, Alex Usher & Shelby Mahaffie

Alex Seeskin, Alex Usher and Shelby Mahaffie will present work on the development of a Sophomore OnTrack indicator. Alex S. is the Director of the To&Through Project (T&TP), Alex U. is the Associate Director of Data & Research at T&TP, and Shelby Mahaffie is a Research Analyst at T&TP.

Dec 10, 2019

To&Through Data Collaborative: Jen Wenner

Jen Wenner presented High Jump’s research-based system for using focus groups as tools for problem identification, progress monitoring and summative evaluation. Jen is the Director of Program Evaluation and Quality Improvement at High Jump.

Nov 20, 2019

To&Through Data Collaborative: Dom McKoy and Alex Usher

Dom McKoy and Alex Usher presented an early look at a new version of the To&Through Community Areas Tool that tracks CPS high school and college attainment by Chicago neighborhoods. 

Oct 22, 2019

To&Through Data Collaborative: Kirat Doshi

Kirat Doshi presented on work around the "My Options" tool, a project to provide OneGoal Fellows with real-time feedback around the development of their college lists. Kirat Doshi is the Managing Director of Analytics at OneGoal.

Sep 24, 2019

To&Through Data Collaborative: Nate Flint

Nate Flint presented National Louis University's undergraduate coaching/advising/career milestones, and the data dashboard used to manage them. Nate is the Manager of Undergraduate Analytics at National Louis University. 

Aug 20, 2019

To&Through Data Collaborative: Patrick Milton

Patrick Milton presented on Chicago Public School's "LEARN. PLAN. SUCCEED. Progress Reports", which provide personalized overviews of potential college options and each student’s level of competitiveness based on available academic metrics. Patrick is the Executive Director of the Office of School Counseling & Postsecondary Advising at Chicago Public Schools.

Jul 12, 2019

To&Through Data Collaborative: Megan Lane

Megan Lane shared analysis on current teacher retention measures and trends in CPS, along with plans for building an "on-track indicator" to predict teacher attrition to inform recruiting and school match. Megan is a Strategic Data Project Fellow at Chicago Public Schools.