The To&Through Project

In collaboration with educators, policymakers, and communities, the To&Through Project aims to significantly increase high school and post-secondary completion for under-resourced students of color in Chicago and around the country by providing education stakeholders with research-based data on students’ educational experiences and facilitating dialogue on its implications for adult practice.

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Illuminating what it takes for students to make it to and through high school and college
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Systematically tracking district and school progress on the milestones that matter most for college success
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Helping education stakeholders translate research and data into improved practice

More than two decades of rigorous research have honed in on the five milestones that matter most for college success. By illuminating these milestones with research, measuring our progress on them with data, and providing resources and training that help stakeholders put that research and data into practice, we can better support our students on their paths to and through and college.  

High School Milestones

Milestone: High School Enrollment
High School Enrollment
Where students choose to enroll in high school has implications for student experiences and future attainment outcomes.
Milestone: Freshman OnTrack
Freshman OnTrack
Students who are on-track at the end of ninth grade are nearly three times more likely to graduate from high school than students who are off-track.
Milestone: High School Graduation
High School Graduation
Graduating from high school with Bs or better is one of the most important markers along the road to college success.

College Milestones

Milestone: College Enrollment
College Enrollment
Students of all qualification levels are more likely to graduate from college if they attend a postsecondary institution with a high institutional graduation rate.
Milestone: College Persistence
College Persistence
Strong grades—earning Bs or better in high school—is the strongest indicator of a student's likelihood of persisting through and graduating from college.
Milestone: College Graduation
College Graduation
College graduation is a critical benchmark for considering high school and higher education's success in improving students' educational attainment.

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Decades of research have revealed the forces and factors that predict students' high school and college success, and can help close the gap between their college aspirations and attainment. Get the snapshot view of what moves students to and through college from our series of data visualizations. 

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High schools and colleges across Chicago are putting To&Through research, data, and resources in action to help more students reach the milestones that matter most for college success.

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