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The application of research and data is essential to postsecondary work. In this Component, you will find tools to further your understanding of key research and data so you can implement effective postsecondary plans and practices.

Use the Toolkit Component

The Understanding Research & Applying Data Component contains four Tool Sets. To download the entire Component, click below.

Tool Sets: Understanding Research & Applying Data

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Tool Set

Understanding the Conditions for Postsecondary Success

Quality research can support educator practice and drive school improvement. Tool Set A explores the research coming out of the UChicago Consortium on School Research so educators can better understand the school conditions that foster or hinder student postsecondary success.

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Tool Set

Integrating a Developmental Approach to College Access

College access initiatives should focus on adolescent development so that students develop a sense of active agency as they explore postsecondary options.

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Tool Set

Developing Systems to Monitor College Applications

Data should be used continually for improvement, not just for summative evaluation after the fact. The tools in Tool Set C describe practical techniques for using real-time operational data in order to shape strategy and guide practice.

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Tool Set

Suggested Learnings

The bibliography in Tool Set D contains a wealth of resources for additional reading and learning that can be used individually or in a professional learning community focused on postsecondary success.