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Students should have multiple opportunities to reflect on their futures and engage in meaningful experiences regarding their postsecondary choices. In addition, families should feel welcome and supported to engage in conversations that foster their children’s success.

Use the Toolkit Component

The Engaging Students & Families Component contains four Tool Sets. To download the entire Component, click below.

Tool Sets: Engaging Students & Families

Icon: Tool Set A
Tool Set

Supporting Student Identity

Tool Set A showcases different ways to support students as they integrate their identities into the context of college and career planning.

Icon: Tool Set B
Tool Set

Making Postsecondary Plans

Postsecondary planning should begin earlier than senior year. In order to ensure equitable outcomes for all students, postsecondary planning activities should also be adapted to meet students at their current stage of adolescent development as well as addressing their specific needs.

Icon: Tool Set C
Tool Set

Organizing School-wide Events

When Counselors involve a broad range of educators to implement school-wide postsecondary events, they leverage the social capital of the school to better serve students.

Icon: Tool Set D
Tool Set

Exploring College Affordability

College success is underscored by college affordability. Counselors and other educators should use Tool Set D with students during the college application process.