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The application of research and data to practice is essential to On-Track work. In this Component, you will find tools to further your understanding of On-Track research and data.  Specifically, the tools include the fundamental research for defining and calculating On-Track as well as guides for developing and tracking interventions. Lastly, you will find tools to support you in communicating On-Track research to staff, students, and families. 

Use the Toolkit Component

The Understanding Research & Applying Data Component contains four Tool Sets. To download the entire Component, click below.

Tool Sets: Understanding Research & Applying Data

Tool Set A
Tool Set

Calculating Freshman OnTrack

The Freshman OnTrack indicator provides a clear metric for predicting high school graduation in Chicago and targeting students for intervention. Tool Set A provides Success Teams with foundational knowledge on OnTrack as a concept and metric.

Tool Set B
Tool Set

Building Relationships to Support the Transition to High School

Building relationships with students is a critical lever for supporting them in the transition to high school. 

Tool Set C
Tool Set

Developing and Tracking Interventions

One responsibility of the Success Team is to develop and track interventions. Tool Set C provides Success Teams with resources to design effective interventions. 

Tool Set D
Tool Set

Communicating Freshman OnTrack Research to Staff, Students, and Families

Effective communication of Freshman OnTrack research and school-wide goals is important to create the necessary buy-in to improve outcomes for freshmen. Tool Set D provides Success Teams with resources to support your On-Track communication strategy. 

Tool Set E
Tool Set

Ongoing Research from the UChicago Consortium

The relationship between freshman course performance and high school graduation has been validated in schools, districts, cities, and states across America. Since the release of the What Matters report, UChicago Consortium researchers have produced a plethora of new evidence on the transition to high school. This body of research is moving the field from mitigating course failure (just staying On Track) to supporting high levels of course performance for all students. Specifically, this means helping students increase their Grade Point Averages so they are ready for the rigors of college. Tool Set E provides educators with an understanding of how the work has evolved in Chicago since the development of the On-Track indicator.