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Strong leadership is vital to a successful On-Track initiative in your school. In this Component, you will find tools to build the capacity of the Success Team Lead. This Component also includes tools to support team planning and development.

Use the Toolkit Component

The Preparing to Lead Component contains three Tool Sets. To download the entire Component, click below. 

Tool Sets: Preparing to Lead

Tool Set A
Tool Set

Planning for Your Success Team

Careful planning is vital for a strong Success Team. Administrators must deliberately select team members that not only understand the importance of the transition to high school, but also genuinely care about student achievement.

Tool Set B
Tool Set

Strengthening Success Team Lead Capacity

Regular, job-embedded support of the Success Team Lead is a key component of the freshman success work.

Tool Set C
Tool Set

Planning for a Success Team Meeting

Strong meeting facilitation is integral to achieving the goals of any team. This collection of tools is intended to help Freshman Success Teams Leads and/or administrators hold effective and productive meetings.