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Effective school-based teams are the anchors of successful On-Track initiatives. In this Component, you will find tools to support accountable adult collaboration.

Use the Toolkit Component

The Implementing School-Based Teams Component contains four Tool Sets. To download the entire Component, click below.

Tool Sets: Implementing School-Based Teams

Tool Set A
Tool Set

Facilitating Effective Adult Collaboration and Conversation

A focus on effective adult collaboration moves teams toward becoming accountable communities that are able to address issues with a problem-solving approach rather than trying to ignore or minimize them. 

Tool Set B
Tool Set

Facilitating Data-Driven Conversations

Data-driven conversations require careful facilitation to ensure a safe and supportive environment wherein educators take ownership of their outcomes.

Tool Set C
Tool Set

Engaging Students in Freshman OnTrack Conversations

Success Teams are responsible for creating multiple opportunities to engage students in On-Track conversations.

Tool Set D
Tool Set

Assessing Success Team Progress

Success Teams should regularly assess their progress to determine strengths and areas in need of growth.