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"A good place to start is to think, 'How can I help one student?' Then grow from there." 

What would you say to a student who is struggling to stay on track to graduate from high school?

Before you learn to walk, sometimes you fall. We’re working ourselves up to success, so don’t give up if you stumble. A part of working up to that success is welcoming the failure that comes first. It’s not something to be afraid of.


Once you got to college, what helped you get through college?

At my college, they had different systems of support. They had different fairs with student groups, there were resource centers that students could go to, and different professors would talk about events. You find a little community that has ideas about how to become a bigger part of the community. Then really, you just riff. You try one thing. You start projects. You learn from experience.


What else can be done to help students succeed in getting To&Through high school and college?

One thing that could really help us move forward is really getting everybody involved in the process. How can we put this responsibility in more people’s hands? We’re all coming here with ideas, and we work on those ideas, and we test them, and we see what works and what doesn't work, and we continue to move forward, together.

Mark Blanchard Head Shot

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