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Four high school seniors in graduation caps and gowns gather around for a photo.

Lessons from Chicago’s Approach to Research, Data, and Practice in Education

This paper from the UChicago Consortium, Network for College Success, and the To&Through Project shares key lessons learned from Chicago’s approach to using data to foster ongoing improvement in students’ educational attainment.

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This paper is designed to share the lessons the UChicago Consortium, Network for College Success, and To&Through Project have learned about how, when, why, and under what conditions we have seen a practice-driven data approach support real and sustainable improvement. The paper aims to share these lessons with advocates, policymakers, district and school leaders, and school support organizations, both locally and nationally, so they can develop the conditions that will support effective data use in schools and school systems.

Looking for concrete ways to set up students for freshman and middle grades success? Take advantage of To&Through’s Freshman Success Resources and Middle Grades Success Resources for a set of CPS data-based tools to distribute and engage families, students, and practitioners with.