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Hero: Communications Toolkit

Research is most effective when it is accessible. When educators, families, and policymakers share a common understanding of what matters most for students' success, they can collectively transform outcomes.

Elaine Allensworth
Lewis-Sebring Director of the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research

The To&Through Project's Communications Toolkit is a collection of briefs, posters, student videos, lesson plans, and other resources created to support school leaders and partners in their efforts to share the research that matters most for high school and college success with educators, students, and families. The Toolkit was developed with input from high school principals across Chicago, and the resources within it are designed to: increase awareness of and spark meaningful dialogue about what fosters high school and college attainment among school leaders, students, and families; aid teachers and counselors in supporting students' journeys to college; and promote a college-going culture within schools.