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Media Contact and Press Kit


For media inquiries, please contact Dayna Dion the Senior Director of National and Global Engagement at the Urban Education Institute: | 773.834.3405


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In the News
FOX 32

Arne Duncan announces To&Through Campaign for Chicago students

Former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announces the To&Through Campaign launch event and new online tool live on FOX 32.

In the News
Chicago Tribune

Editorial: A CPS celebration ... and a challenge

A Chicago Tribune editorial weighs in on the district's progress improving high school graduation rates and the challenge it faces now in significantly improving students' college attainment.

In the News
Chicago Magazine

Are CPS Schools ‘Crumbling Prisons’? The Data Say Otherwise

Elaine Allensworth and the Consortium's research are quoted throughout this piece, which examines recent data showing significant improvements in CPS performance along several independent measures of succes.

In the News
Chicago Tribune

Editorial: What competition did to CPS

The Chicago Tribune explores highlights from recent Consortium researching showing district-wide gains in graduation and college attainment. 

In the News
WTTW Chicago Tonight

Reports Show Educational Gains for CPS, Despite Financial Troubles

Chicago Tonight exams Consortium finding that CPS is making gains in terms of graduation and college acceptance and graduation, despite financial turmoil.

In the News
Chicago Tribune

Study: Slight progress for CPS students' college graduation prospects

The Chicago Tribune reports on the Consortium's latest district report on the progress of CPS in terms of high school and college graduation rates. 

In the News
Crain's Chicago Business

Five Big Ideas for Chicago's Troubled Schools

Crain's Chicago Business cites Consortium research, and UEI Chairman, Tim Knowles, in this five-day suggestion piece on how to fix Chicago Public Schools.

In the News

How one Chicago high school built a college culture

Washington High School principal Kevin Gallick discusses how he worked with his team to create a strong college-going culture in just three years. Consortium research related to The To&Through Project is cited. 

In the News
U.S. News & World Report

OpEd: It's the Transition that's Troublesome

UEI's Cornelia Grumman explains why schools need to focus on transition years for high school and college success.

In the News
Education Week

Chicago School District Slowly Improves College-Going and Graduation Rates High School and College Success

Education Week summarizes the latest Consortium data showing increases in college graduation rates for Chicago Public Schools students.