The To&Through Project has been featured in many news publications. See our key coverage and updates below.


Giving Parents Information Helps Them Choose the Best Schools for Their Kids. How 3 Data-Sharing Tools Are Working for NY Families

The74 highlights a new “To&Through Tool” for New York City public schools and in-state universities that was modeled after the University of Chicago’s longstanding To&Through Project.

Less Data, More Problems: Helping Students Make Informed College Decisions

RealClearPolicy details the one-of-a-kind data-sharing agreement Chicago Public Schools has with The Consortium at the University of Chicago in order to better understand college enrollment and attainment patterns for their students.

Chicago Makes Data the Centerpiece of a District-Wide Improvement Strategy

Alex Seeskin, Jenny Nagaoka and Sarah Duncan discuss the To&Through Project's positive impact on the Chicago Public School system through effectively utilizing education data.

How to better translate research for the classroom

The Fordham Institute spotlights the importance of using data to enact meaningful changes at the school level based on the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research's newly published report.

College Persistence, Graduation, and 9th Grade in Chicago

Future Ed highlights the three reports published by The University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research that focus on using data to track trends in students' educational attainment in Chicago Public Schools (CPS).

To Boost College Admissions Equity, Let’s Support High-Achieving Freshmen of Color

Chicago Unheard details and analyzes the newly released To&Through Hidden Risk report.

Waging a war against Fs in high schools

Chalkbeat covers Juan Carlos Ocon of Benito Juarez Community Academy, Chad Adams of Sullivan High School, and Wayne Bevis of Lindblom Math and Science Academy's recent session at the To&Through Convening.

You thought failing P.E. or art in high school doesn’t matter? Not so, new Chicago study says.

Chalkbeat details the surprising findings from the University of Chicago Consortium that links failing an elective class such as P.E. or art in high school to higher chances of not graduating.

Political daybook in Illinois and Chicago on Oct. 11

The Chicago Sun-Times highlights Mayor Emanuel's schedule and his attendance at the annual To&Through Convening.

Poor grades in art and gym class damaging GPAs for CPS freshmen, study finds

The Chicago Sun-Times examines the findings of the new Consortium reports and includes insight from authors Alex Seeskin and Jenny Nagaoka, as well as reaction from Chicago Public Schools CEO Dr. Janice Jackson.